Back to running

This week I went for my first runs after six long weeks without any running.

It was the longest break from running I’ve had in years, though I kept busy with regular cycling. Nonetheless it was frustrating to feel time running out for my 10k preparation.

But injuries, even relatively minor ones, need rest. So I rested.

Finally this week I got back to running and, rather than throw myself straight into an 8k practice run (the cause of my runner’s knee last time), I tried following an actual training schedule:

Week 1: Tues: 20 min run/Thurs: 25 min run – 5 x (3 min jog then 2 min run)/Sun: 30 min run

Whether I manage to squeeze the six-week schedule into the five weeks remaining before the local 10k race next month remains to be seen.

It seemed more likely when I thought I’d be running with a slightly unfit friend, but I’ve since found out two other friends might put in for it. One, a professional rugby coach, the other a sports teacher whose usual 10k time is ‘only’ 45 minutes!

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