5 Bengali words – conurbations

This post isn’t exactly about conurbations, but I don’t think I use the word enough, so that’s as good a reason as any for its appearance in the title.

Instead the post is more about urban things (a pretty unimpressive phrase), so here’s my latest (sort of conurbation-related) 5 Bengali words post.

1 Town/city (n) – শহর  (sōhōr)

2 Urban (adj) – শহুরে (sōhure)

3 Traffic (n) – চলাচল,  যাতায়াত (cōlacōl, yatayat)

4 Crowd (n) – ভিড় (bhir)

5 Pollution (n) – দূষণ (dusōn)

And some extra words:

To pollute –  দুষিত করা (dusitō kōra)

Crowded (adj) – জমজমাট, জনাকীর্ণ (jōmjōmat, jōnakirnō)

If you can’t view the Bangla script above (and want to) you need to install Bengali fonts on your computer.

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2 responses to “5 Bengali words – conurbations

  1. Good words! I didnt know the word for pollution, good to learn. An oversight – you’ve mistyped Urban in Bengali..
    cheers. Suja

  2. Thanks, I’ve updated the typo now (hadn’t been paying enough attention to the way Google Transliterate changed my typing into Bengali script.

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