The fragile promise of new music

I have been contributing to the destruction of the high street shopping for music on Amazon recently.

But, since I like to make this an unnecessarily drawn out process, the shopping process began weeks before I got around to placing an order.

I don’t remember how I chanced upon the above video, The Beat And The Pulse from Austra’s Feel It Break album, though I found later I’d downloaded two of their songs from music blogs I follow but not added them to iTunes.

I like its hypnotic groove, echoes of The Knife and the quality of the singers’ voices.

I also like that it’s a debut album. This year’s Pulp reunion or the reissue campaigns for Nirvana’s Nevermind, great as those bands are (and were the first time around!), are further reminders of the pull of nostalgia.

But new music has a life of its own. And the fragile promise of a debut album is a special thing.

I’ve actually bought two debuts this year so far. The other is from EMA, whose not safe for work, yet visually and lyrically striking, video for California (from Past Life Martyred Saints) is below.

Both songs and artists are ones I want to listen to over and over again until I almost wear the music out.

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