More Bollywood on Channel 4

Harud Autumn filmThe next films in Channel 4’s Autumn season of Indian films have been announced and will be Harud and Udaan.

They follow Love Aaj Kal and Love, Sex Aur Dhoka, which will be shown at the beginning of October, adding to what will hopefully be another long run of Channel 4’s Bollywood films.

In 2010’s Harud (Autumn), Rafiq and his family struggle to come to terms with the loss of his older brother Tauqir, a tourist photographer and one of the thousands of young men to have disappeared since the onset of the militant insurgency in Kashmir.

But about Udaan (Flight) it’s not clear whether it’ll be the 2010 or the 1997 film of this name.

I’m guessing it’s the more recent film, in which case it’s about a 16-year old boy who returns home to his abusive and oppressive father after being expelled from school.

  • Udaan Sunday 9 October, 00:30 – 02:55
  • Harud Tuesday 11 October, 01:05 – 02:50

2 responses to “More Bollywood on Channel 4

  1. I hope channel 4 is planning to show Dabangg again as I and my mother missed it twice in consecutive years. We got to see a bit of it on Channel 4’s website and it was really interesting. Please, please Channel 4, show this film again.

    • I hope they do too – I was really looking forward to it and then my recorder had a few problems. Still, not long until the next Bollywood season *crosses fingers*

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