Channel 4’s Dev Anand season

Dev Anand in Hum DonoChannel 4’s begins a short Dev Anand season on Saturday with the film noir-style Baazi (The Gamble).

Baazi was the directorial debut of Guru Dutt, subsequently himself a noted actor, and stars Anand as a small-time gambler who struggles to make ends meet.

His sister has TB and is in the care of his sweetheart, Dr Rajni (Kalpana Kartik, whom Anand later married).

When his sister’s treatment requires more money, Madan decides to take work at the Star Club, a notorious gambling den for thieves and crooks. There he attracts the attention of the lovely dancer Nina (Geeta Bali), who falls for him.

Elsewhere the season includes Guide, in which Anand stars as a Udaipur tourist guide who falls in love with the unhappily married wife of one of his clients, and Hum Dono and Jewel Thief, both of which feature Anand in a double role.

For full listings details see Bollywood on C4.

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