5 Bengali words – work

After a good start to the year the frequency of my 5 Bengali words posts slowed from a steady stream to barely a trickle.

One of the reasons for this was my search for a new job, though I was lucky enough that the whole process took just four months.

Nevertheless, when my father-in-law asked recently about my চাকরি I knew it was time for some further Bengali revision.

Job – চাকরি (cakri)

 Work (n) – কাজ (kaj)*

Manager – পরিচালক (pōricalok), শাসক (sasōk)**

Company – নিগম (nigōm), কোম্পানি (kompani)

Pay – বেতন (betōn), মাইনে (maine)

* Work (vb) – কাজ করা (kaj kōra)

** Management – পরিচালনা (pōricalōna)

If you can’t view the Bangla script above (and want to) you need to install Bengali fonts on your computer.

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