More Bollywood films coming on Channel 4 as Indian cinema season extended

Band Baaja Baaraat film posterI posted details of the current run of Indian films on Channel 4 last week, but it turns out that’s not all the Bollywood that UK television viewers can look forward to.

Usually the channel’s spring season of films only runs to four, but there’s more this time and following Dabanng, Enthiran, My Name Is Khan and Udaan is Band Baajaa Baaraat (Bands, Horns and Revelry), 2010’s hit wedding planner romantic comedy staring Anushka Sharma and Reveer Singh.

Its simple storyline, lively songs and dance numbers appealed to the masses and made stars of its leading cast.

BBB (surely fans shortened the title, even if it wasn’t a DDLJ) will in turn be followed by Virgin Goat. Only two years or so old the film is still new to me, but it’s apparently a surreal and enigmatic tale.

Set in rural India the story centres on Kalyan Singh (Raghubir Yadav), a farmer who has sold most of his land and livestock to pay for his daughter’s wedding. Despite his sacrifice, Kalyan’s resentful wife offers no sympathy, and his lazy son has no time for him either. However, Kalyan possesses an obsessive love for his last remaining goat, Laila, who he declares to be the last of a royal lineage, as well as being what keeps him sane.

Band Baajaa Baaraat – Monday 6 May, 00:40 – 03:15

• Virgin Goat – Tuesday 7 May, 01:30 – 02:55

3 responses to “More Bollywood films coming on Channel 4 as Indian cinema season extended

  1. Hi I would like Pakistani films seasons

    I would like the films

    Hum apke hain koun
    Swarg se sundar
    Aisa pyar karenge

    Thank you

  2. we miss the started of this season we would to see my name is khan. thank you.

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