If only you could learn Bengali and help translate the web

Free language Duolingo posterHappening today on the Duolingo site I was impressed enough to think seriously about trying to pick up some of the French that has deserted me since school.

The site offers, for now at least, free Spanish, German and French lessons in a really nice interface. Parts of its premise is that the various tests and translation exercises will also help translate the internet.

But while I really am keen to (one day) improve my French, the site raised a familiar sense of jealousy that same languages have such easy access to tools like Duolingo.

On the plus side, perhaps now, with a trip to India at the end of this year looking likely, seeing the site will persuade me that it’s time to seriously pick up my Bengali study again.

7 responses to “If only you could learn Bengali and help translate the web

  1. Are you coming to India ?? where ??
    Hindi is the main language in India ,mainly in North India,But if you want to Learn Bengali and want to improve then you have to come to West Bengal.Local people will be happy to teach you some Bangla, and if they see you are also replying in Bangla ,then that will be overwhelming for them and they they will speak more and more Bangla.So you will get many teachers here to Learn Bengali 🙂

    • সম্ভবত আমি কলকাতা এ মুবাইতে যাব – তাই অন্তত কিছু বাংলায় কথা বলব 🙂

  2. it should be কলকাতা আর মুম্বাই যাব (আর-and) and when we say i go to some place generally to drop the তে in our sentences though that is grammatically right ..

  3. Try Fixoodle if you want to do that. Although, you’d have to get some of your Bangali speaking friends who are learning English to join you.

    • tangleofwires

      That site certainly looks interesting. Unfortunately having registered it keeps asking me to fill out my profile info even though I’ve already done that, so I can’t try the site out 😦

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