5 Bengali words – হ (h)

I’ve decided on a slight change of tack with my 5 Bengali words posts and rather than theming them by topic will try instead to pick out five words for each letter of the Bengali alphabet.

Choosing what topic to go for was starting to become a bit of a distraction from the more important business of increasing my Bengali vocabulary, though I may return to that approach later.

There is also the possibility that looking for words that are interesting or might be useful based on the latter they start with may help reinforce my knowledge of the Bengali alphabet. 

1. হঠাত – suddenly

2. হাউমাউ – uproar, complaint

3. হাজির – present, in attendance

4. হাত-খরোচ – pocket money

5. হাসা, হাসি – smile (vb), smile (n)

1. hōthat

2. haumau

3. hajir

4. hat-khōroc

5. hasha (hashi)

If you can’t view the Bangla script above (and want to) you need to install Bengali fonts on your computer.

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