Only if I run

Preparations begin for next month's 10kMy running this year has been erratic to say the least.

After a good start in January and, despite the snow and ice that followed, a reasonable February, in March I ran just once.

I’ll probably blame a fairly big work project for that, but I’ve been inconsistent since.

So now it’s time to be a lot more organised after I this week booked my place for the Ashtead 10k, which, considering I walk past the race’s start each morning on the way to the station, is about as local a race as I could get.

After making a huge beginner’s mistake when it came to training for last year’s race (my first), I’m determined to be more careful this year and hopefully better my time. I’ve got a couple of weeks before I start my training plan and this week have so far managed two medium runs of 27 mins or so, a short 15 mins cross country run and half an hour on my bike.

Maybe I’ll put Fugazi on my iPod for tomorrow’s run:

One foot goes in front of the other

It all boils around to not hanging around


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