5 Bengali words – স (s)

Continuing the new tack for my 5 Bengali words post here are five words that begin with দন্ত্য স (dōntyō sō), one of three ‘sō’ letters in Bengali.

1. সঙ্গীত – music, song

2. সড়ক – highway

3. সঙ্গীত – suspicious, doubtful*

4. সমর – war, battle

5. সমালোচক – critic**

And transliterations for the above words:

1. sōngit (n), music, song

2. sōrōk (n), highway

3. sōndigdhō (adj), suspicious, doubtful

4. sōmōr (n), war, battle

5. sōmalocōk (n), critic

* সন্দেহ (n), doubt, suspicion

** সমালোচনা sōmalocōna (n), criticism, review

If you can’t view the Bangla script above (and want to) you need to install Bengali fonts on your computer.

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