India and the joy of planning

Kolkata bus and streetWhoever said getting there was half the fun had clearly not reckoned with the unbridled joy that is (for me at least) planning a holiday.

Particularly, when it’s too India.

And even more so since it’s the first time in six years that we’re going there.It’ll also be our first time as a family of four, but Son2 is the same age Son1 was when we last went, so I’m not unduly put off at the thought of an eight hour flight with a three and a half year old in tow (not yet anyway).

Another difference from 2006 is that you can no longer get a direct flight from the UK to Kolkata. So that, along with the relocation to Mumbai of some of our relatives, means we’ll bookend a week in Kolkata with some time on the west coast.

I’m already planning out places to visit and things to do when we’re not visiting relatives in Kolkata (like just about every place I go to this will include shopping for books and CDs).

But just as exciting is the thought of arranging a visit to Mumbai for the first time (not least because, secretly, I half expect Bollywood dancers to appear at random moments in the street).

7 responses to “India and the joy of planning

  1. Exciting stuff! Don’t go to Nico Park.

  2. There was an accident there.

    South City the new futuristic mall (Prince Anwar Shah Road) has on the top floor an amusement area with rides (up to say age 5) and also two small bowling alleys, that game like ping pong where you push a flat circle etc. I’d recommend it (Ours are 9 and 6) You buy a card and put rupees on it and then it deducts them when you go on things. The cards do not expire and they do offers e.g. top up 1000 rupees and they will give you give you 200 extra free. There is also a multiplex cinema there (Fame) and a food court, Pizza Hut, Dosas, Kookie Jar (recommend the pound chocolate cake for 300 rupees).

  3. And if you do visit South City, then you’ll be close to where I live 🙂

    visit College street for books, cuz you already have the best bookstores in london and you wouldnt really want to buy your books from air conditioned bookstores. Get the old world feel. Besides, the Collge st is around 150years old!

    visit the St. Paul Cathedral as well.
    and the Outram ghat (banks of the river ganges)- they even give you boat rides AND it where the film Parineeta was shot, part of it anyway.

    Have a good trip!
    And ENJOY mumbai. it is amazing for shopping at cheap prices 😀

  4. Thanks @dtangle, great recommendations. I like College Street, despite getting some funny looks there last time when I tried to ask for easy childrens’ books in Bengali – though I expect I’ll hit an airconditioned bookstore or two as well.

    I found St Paul’s very relaxing so may well go there again too, but Outram ghat – or anywhere along the river – I’ve not been too so will try to check it out (along with Mumbai shopping).

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