Google refines Bengali transliteration tool

Bengali Google transliteration toolGoogle has made some nice changes to  its online transliteration tool, which improve its usability by adding as-you-type suggestions of alternative spellings.

Given the variations possible in Bengali when it comes to letters like ‘s’, ‘r’ and ‘d’ the refinements to the tool are definitely welcome.

Now if company can only find a way to add the chandrobindu grammatical sign it could have the best transliteration tool for Bengali.


4 responses to “Google refines Bengali transliteration tool

  1. What’s different now? I find that I don’t get the options on my main computer for conjuncts but the when I view the same post I’ve written on my Iphone it’s magically corrected! What is going on?

    • Perhaps they’re still tinkering with it. The amount of options and their ‘type ahead’ nature seemed different to me.

  2. I will try it out a bit more. I mean it certainly is good because although the conjuncts don’t come up on my computer they then do on the Iphone magically changing something I’ve already written. Can you get the Google transliteration to show conjuncts on your main computer? I’m thinking it might be my computer which has been the problem.

  3. Nice one.I didn’t try during last few months.I will definitely ask my bengali students to try ..Thanks for sharing

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