Hungry for books

Indian booksIt’s rare that I go on holiday and don’t return with new books, and my trip to India was no exception.

The Bengali version of some of Satyajit Ray’s Feluda stories is more than a little optimistic on my part, though thankfully the English translation I also bought contains some of the same stories, which will help.

I bought two film books, though considering the Hindi film one focuses on the golden age of Bollywood, its title (Houseful) seems less than apt, but still looks very interesting. The other, Satyajit Ray: In search of the modern, looks in detail at six of the Bengali director’s films, most of which I’ve seen.Elsewhere my purchases included a mix of authors I’ve long wanted to read more from, some film inspired buys (Bandopadyay’s Pather Panchali, Basu’s The Japanese Wife) and others that have been on my mental to-read list for a while (Gandhi, which I bought when we visited Mani Bhavan, and Amitav Ghosh).

Indian fiction

Books on sale at Mumbai’s domestic airport

I came very close to filling up my hand luggage for our flight to Kolkata with too many books at Mumbai airport (ditto filmi music).

And the holiday confirmed the Oxford Bookshop on Park Street as my favourite Kolkata bookshop, though visiting Starmark in South City Mall was enjoyable too. Both were responsible for my buying just one or two books more than I meant to, both had super helpful staff, but Oxford retained its crown, for me at least, thanks to its (faux or otherwise) literary air.


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