Learning more Bengali numbers

Bengali - numbers

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I’ve not entirely mastered the numbers 1-50 in Bengali, but getting towards the end of the book I’m reading I’ve reached the somewhat information-heavy Numbers, Weights, Measures chapter.

So it’s time to press on with learning the other 50 numbers, along with the chapter’s other miscellaneous information.

The version of Teach Yourself Bengali I’m reading was published in the mid-1960s, pre-dating by a few decades the Radice issue.

So some of the terms shown may be more for historical knowledge than anything else. মগ (maund), for example, as a measurement of some 80lbs.

But before that, and fractions, it’ll have to be whole numbers, which means it might be time to ask my father-in-law to help me put together another video.

The one we did on numbers 1-50 appears to have got nearly 9,000 views on YouTube, so I guess there’s an appetite out there for it.

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