Feeling virtuous

Books behind the bed

How many books are too many? I ask because, for the first time in recent years, I’ve decided against going to our local, annual book fair.

Which is a shame. It’s held in a church and has been bursting at the seams, expanding out of the hall, into corridors and even the church itself.

For a confirmed second-hand-book-aholic (I’m sure that is a word) it’s the easiest place to while a way hours at a time, even if it does get a bit ‘elbows at dawn’.

But, for once, common sense prevailed. It said, you haven’t yet read all the books you bought at last year’s fair year, let the ones you received for Christmas (2011) or the ones you bought in India.

And having finally started this year exploring the e-book world this year there really is no shortage of things to read (not that there ever has been).

So this year I’m not going to buy any more books for a bit (honest), and will try and find more time for reading.

Maybe, unlike last year (32/35), I’ll pass my current GoodReads reading challenge (3/35 so far).

One response to “Feeling virtuous

  1. I own a room full of books, which seems insane, but I like to pick them up and look through them for the quotes I loved. I’m a book hoarder, I have a problem. You should go to the fair, just to be around other book lovers. : )

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