Grabbing moments where you can

Chicago skylineChicago flagsMillenium parkCloud Gate or The BeanRiver architectural tourRiver architectural tour
River architectural tourJazz record shop, ChicagoElevated viewRiver architectural tourThe tallest of the tallJohn Hancock Tower
John Hancock TowerRiver architectural tour

Some Chicago pictures, a set on Flickr.

I don’t travel often for work, but when I do I like to make the most of my time in whatever new location I find myself – even if it means mostly seeing the outside of a lot of buildings.

But whatever else I manage to cram in, there’ll always be a record shop or a bookshop or a record shop *and* a bookshop.

Much as I loved the window display (particularly the Mingus artwork) at the Jazz Record Mart on Chicago’s East Illinois Street, it was the next door After-Words Bookstore that I went in to. Their use of poetry-quote displaying bag-check tags even persuaded me to get around to finally buying a volume of Langston Hughes poetry.

From After-Words, thanks to the kindly assistant who Googled its location to point me in the right direction, I walked to Reckless Records on North Milwaukee Avenue, picking up records by The Decemberists and the new My Bloody Valentine album.

(If music and books are involved, it’s been a successful trip!)

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