In five or six years I’m really going to miss Music World

Visiting Kolkata every five or six years I have a handful of places that I’ll always make time to seek out.

It’s not a long list. Mocambo for food, Flurry’s for cakes or pastries, Oxford Bookstore for … well … books, and Music World.

So it was with sadness that I learnt this week that the wasting away of the high street music shop is not confined to the West and that Music World will shortly close (HT: Beth Loves Bollywood).

Now I think about it, the shop was where I bought my first Bollywood CD, though I’m not sure I’d particularly recommend Let the Music Play.

But if I look behind me I can see some of the CDs I bought there on my last visit to Kolkata, most of which have already had repeated listens.

In a pile of CDs that’s bookended by the Exploding Hearts and M83 there are a couple of Bollywood compilations, soundtracks for Dabaang 2, Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Gangs of Wasseypur 2 and then the random delight that was finding a Shreya Ghoshal best of.

Granted, I’ve singularly failed to find the time to watch any of the Bengali DVDs I bought at the same time from Music World, but I’m always grateful when staff can offer recommendations beyond ‘have you seen any Satyajit Ray?’.

So having picked up Autograph the sales assistant suggested Baishey Srabon, thus – happily – adding another DVD to those that I need to make time for.

Such attentiveness is certainly not rare in Indian shops, but the depth and range of music and films to be found at Music World was unusually good.

So, although I may have ventured far enough afield from Park Street to have browsed books, CDs and DVDs in a Star Mark and Oxford Bookstore may sell DVDs (though it majors in classics from the West), in five or six years I’m really going to miss Music World.

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