UntitledOne of the stranger items that Son1 decided he wanted to pack for our recent holiday to Cornwall and Dorset was my copy of Teach Yourself Bengali.

Given his sometimes vocal opposition to learning the language – particularly pronounced when he was only three years old but still recognised he wasn’t being talked to in English – it certainly felt like a step forward.

The book was to help him learn how to write his name in Bengali, though he’s also recently been willing to sit and learn some vocabulary with me.

Son2, now (just) all of four  years old is, as my mother would say, very ‘wilful’ about these things, so he had seemed content just to sit with Son1 and I as we learn.

However, there’s this game they play, one starting a sequence, the other joining in.

Recently this went:

Son1: “One”

Son1: “Two”

Son2 [Getting the idea]: “Three”

Son1: “Four”

Son2: “Five”

Son1: “Six”

Son2: “Seven”

Son1 [Trying to be clever and catch Son2 out]: “আট”

Son2 [Surprising us all]: “নয়, দশ”

It was the first time I’ve heard Son2 speak in Bengali, but gives hope it won’t be the last.

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