Cartoons trump language

BheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemmmmmmThis afternoon I put on one of the Chhota Bheem DVDs we bought in India last year.

The cartoons about a super-strong boy were a firm favourite with both my boys when we were in holiday. (Though I might as well say that *cartoons* of any type tend to be a firm favourite with them.)

However, putting the DVD on this time I forgot to switch the language to English.

Despite declaring it to be in Spanish, Son2 was actually perfectly happy to be watching it in Hindi.

Son1 then joined us. After a while he piped up. “Are you watching this in Hindi?”

Given that he doesn’t speak Hindi, and only hears it now and then on the films I watch or music I listen to, it’s a pleasing distinction to hear – either that or it’s symptomatic of how much easier it is to find decent films, music and even cartoons in Hindi.

Either, it would seem cartoons trump language concerns when it comes to kids.

So if you’ve got any suggestions of good Bengali cartoons easily available on the likes of YouTube et al please add them in the comments below.

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