Learning Bengali (bangla) on Facebook

learning Bengali - bangla Facebook

I’ve been meaning to post about the Let’s Learn Bengali group on Facebook for a while. (For how long? Quite a while.)

The first of the groups (there are actually three that fall within Let’s Learn Bengali) began over a year ago and has proved to be a very useful, informative and supportive community for those wanting to learn Bengali/bangla.

The most recently launched of the groups, and perhaps the easiest from which to get a flavour of the enterprise is the Open Let’s Learn Bengali group. It’s intended for casual learners, those interested in bangla but unable to commit to regular study, or native speakers that would like to help but can only do so intermittently.

There are also two closed, self-explanatory, groups – beginner and intermediate – for serious students of the language who are able to be more committed to learning bangla.

The situation I described in the early days of this blog does seem to have improved a little, but students of Bengali still find themselves not the best served by learning resources, on- or offline, so these groups are all really useful in linking up students of Bengali from around the world.

2 responses to “Learning Bengali (bangla) on Facebook

  1. Thanks for posting – I’ve also found the groups v. useful in the current climate with so little provision of real life classes. Have any of you readers attended real life classes in the UK?

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