Meeting a goal – books in 2015

From studying Bengali to blogging regularly, I struggled to find the time for many things I wanted to do more of last year.

But reading was one I did manage to keep up with, even meeting my annual Goodreads challenge to myself of finishing 35 books in the year.

Certainly there were some judicious choices made along the way to help keep the target within reach, but -for the first time since 2011 (during much of which I had a long train commute to work) – I did it.

I read more crime novels than I have in a long time – though sadly I’m just one book away from having everything by Raymond Chandler, and the last – Payback – I received for Christmas.

Similarly, 2015 took me closer to digesting Rohinton Mistry’s oeuvre, though at least there I still have two books to go (assuming you count The Scream).

Elsewhere, Kim Gordon’s Girl in a Band left me wanting more, Watchmen re-introduced me to the world of graphic novels – 20 years after reading Maus at university (which I must re-read sometime), and Amit Chaudhuri’s Calcutta and Tagore’s Gora shone their lights on one of my favourite cities.

Now to see if 2016’s reading will prove to be as diverse, captivating and successful …

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