New online Bangla / Bengali course

Day of Multilingual Blogging

It looks like a new online Bengali language course will be coming soon, if Mandira Bhaduri’s plans come to fruition.

She’s spent nine years at the University of Chicago as a lecturer in its Department of South Asian Languages and Civilizations teaching first up to fourth year Bangla, but in June will take a break and is working on a way to swap the physicial classroom for a virtual one to teach students Bengali online.

If I get enough students to create a class, I will post my detailed syllabus.I am at the planning stage, so nothing is set on stone. In the meantime, feel free to contact me in

Bhaduri, who has have been teaching Bangla as a second language since 1991, has also spent stints at the American Institute of Indian Studies and the University of Michigan.

Her planned online Bangla course will cater to all levels of learning from elementary to advance, and there’s more information at the following link for this online Bengali language course.




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