Bengali is coming to Duolingo… sort of

Duolingo Bengali Bangla

I’m a big fan of the language learning website/app Duolingo, which I’m currently using to brush up on my French and pick up a bit of Spanish.

But I have long wished that Bengali would be added to the list of languages it offers, joining Vietnamese, Turkish and the usual European suspects. 

Sadly it’s still not there, but it did take a step closer recently as a handful of users took on the not inconsiderable task of working up an English course for speakers of Bengali (HT: @my_bangla_diary).

So, if anyone is proficient in both English and Bangla there’s more information on the course here.

(And if anyone can produce a Bengali course for English speakers that would be amazing… pretty please.)

3 responses to “Bengali is coming to Duolingo… sort of

  1. What did you say in the last line? I did not get it!
    P.S. I’m a hardcore bengali myself 🙂

    • Hi Arjo, thanks for visiting. That line is about how I’d like a Duolingo course to help English speakers to learn Bengali (the course currently in development being the other way around, ie for Bengali speakers to learn English).

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