Too much content, too little time

I’m listening to the new Dinosaur Jr album – up there with their best if you like that sort of thing – and wondering how I’ll ever keep up with all the, for want of a better word, ‘content’.

I bought my first Dinosaur Jr album (Green Mind – ok, but not the best one to start with) in a mall in Florida in 1992.

I’ve bought plenty of their records since then, but each time you find a new band there’s an exponential demand on your time and resources. Even allowing for the fact that I buy around 30 albums a year, it’s difficult to keep up.

And it’s a similar situation with Bengali films. I’d love to have the time to view everything Angel Films uploads to YouTube, but I don’t even have the time to get through everything I record to the Sky box (and the series record I pressed yesterday for Westworld is already looking increasingly optimistic).

All in all there’s too much content and too little time, but maybe the opposite would be worse.

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