Fireworks in Kolkata

Looking back on my posts from last year I see I had great plans (or, plans, at least) for a programme of increasing the pace of my study of Bengali.

But, as with the best-laid plans of mice and men, my study schedule went awry, though not entirely.

My Quizlet Bengali revision cards got a fairly regularly workout, and I made a reasonable start with expanding my vocabulary.

But it’s far from being enough to allow me to tackle a rather daunting present from a relative on their visit to the UK from Mumbai.

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My next Bengali challenge #longterm #reading #bangla #bengali

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So, it being New Year’s Day and all, I’m revisiting my resolutions.

They look a lot like those of previous years (2010 or 2011, say), but then there’s never a bad time to try and do more reading, exercising, blogging and – not forgetting – Bengali study.

But how to do that will need to be the subject of future posts.

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