An excellent online resource for learning Bengali / Bangla

Online Bengali / Bangla course

There’s no good reason for my not having written about Supriyo Sen’s website for learning Bengali other than this blog having been a bit underused recently.

But with 2017, so far, showing more than usual progress with A Tangle of Wires and my Bengali study it’s a good time to rectify that.

So, if you’re learning Bengali, or want to, and haven’t yet ventured over to I’d strongly recommend you do so.

It’s an expansive resource for the language that’s not only been put together by a native speaker of Bengali but which has been created by someone who’s adept with IT, hence tools like its sentence and verb conjugation wizards.

And with content tailored for benginners, advanced students and even Bangla teachers there’s plenty on offer for anyone with an interest in the language.

For my part I’ve so far been brushing up on my conversational Bengali, adding vocabulary to one of my Quizlet Bengali sets for revision and occasionally dipping into the video resources the site links to.

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