Weather words and phrases in Bengali (part 1)

Monsoon in Kolkata by Opashona

Monsoon in Kolkata (Flickr: Opashona)

So far I’ve only visited India in December or January, which limits the Bengali words for weather that I need when actually on holiday.

In fact, hot, cold and fog would probably cover those needs – often within the space of the same day.

Kolkata in December can have a particularly pronounced switch from chilly, foggy early mornings that demand hat and scarf to lunchtime heat that keeps you comfortable in a t-shirt.

Perhaps one day I’ll visit during the monsoon (or Durga Puja, or… the list goes on), but even if not the words and phrases will certainly come in handy for reading, conversation and films.

And it’s a bigger topic than I have time for today, so the part one of this post will be followed by one or two more as time allows.

আজকের আবহাওয়া কেমন? (ajker abhaoya kaemon?) – What’s the weather like?

আগামিকাল আবহাওয়া কেমন? (agamikal abhaoya kaemon?) – What will the weather be like tomorrow?

আবহাওয়া (abhaoya) – Weather

ঠান্ডা (thanda) – cold

শীত (shit) – cold

শুকনা (shukna) – dry

গরম (gorom) – heat

ভেজা (bheja) – humid

বৃষ্টি (bristi) – rain

হাওয়া, বাতাস (haoya, batash) – air, wind

মেঘ (megh) – cloud

বরফ (boroph) – ice, snow

ধুলা (dhula) – dust

বিজলি (bijoli) – lightning

বর্ষা (borsha) – monsoon

Quizlet set of Bengali weather words

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