Google recognises Bangla and improves Bengali search

Google search Bengali banglaGoogle search Bengali bangla

Whether you’re looking for Pather Panchali or a macher johl recipe, the chances are that if you’re googling for it in Bengali your search will now be easier.

The search giant this week added the language to its ‘knowledge graph’ so, to cut a long explanation short, searches should be much quicker and more the results more useful.

It gives the example of a search for cricket legend Sourav Ganguly in Bengali, which will now “instantly” show relevant information, such as Sourav’s date of birth, his number as an active cricket player or links to his social media profiles.

Google search Bengali bangla

It’s taken a while for Google to recognise the language (the sixth most spoken in the world, with over 200 million speakers), in fact Bengali is the 42nd language to be accorded the honour.

The company has also added its spell-correction functionality for searches in Bengali, which means when typos occur similar queries will be shown.

Google software engineers Weizhao Wang and Enzam Hossain explained: “We’ve begun to gradually roll-out the Knowledge Graph in Bengali to users around the world. We hope that this update, together with the spell correction in Bengali, will make Search an even better experience for the millions of Bengali speakers around the world.”

Meanwhile, the next update to look out for will be the addition of Google’s ‘neural machine translation’, really clever technology that I’ve written about elsewhere. The technology was earlier this month applied to Hindi (and some other additional languages), but there’s no word yet on when it will come to Bengali.

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