Bengali vocabulary – politics words

Bengali bangla politics vocabulary

It’s a subject that features on most news broadcasts, but it’s particularly timely given the snap general election that was called earlier this week here in the UK.

I’ve come across many of these words before on the daily news (in Bengali) podcast from Japan’s NHK state media. (And perhaps we should pause for a minute to consider how cool it is that NHK puts out the news in Bengali.)


I’ve also recently started to occasionally tune in to Today Bangla TV News Live on YouTube, but – from the World Service’s BBC Bangla to Deutsche Welle – there’s plenty of other parts of the web where you can find the news in Bengali to hear the words below.

রাজনীতি (rajniti) – politics

রাজনীতিক (rajnitik) – politician

রাজনৈতিক (rajnoitik) – political

রাষ্ট্রপতি, সভাপতি (rastropoti, shobhapoti) – president

প্রধান মন্ত্রী (prodhan montri) – prime minister

মন্ত্রী (montri) – minister

নির্বাচন, ভোট (nirbacon, bhot) – vote

নির্বাচন (nirbacon) – election*

নির্বাচন করা (nirbacon kora) – elect (to vote)

সংসদ (shongshod) – parliament

দল (dol) – party (or group)

কর্মসূচি (kormosuci) – policy

চলন, গতি (colon, goti) – motion**

প্রস্তাব করা (prostab kora) – propose

প্রস্তাব (prostab) – proposal

* This one wasn’t in the dictionary, but this is what Google Translate provided

** Thinking about it, this is probably a rather ambiguous word to include

The vocabulary for this, and other Bengali language posts, can be found in flashcard form on my Quizlet profile

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