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Picture by drcw @ Flickr

So far this year I’ve managed to be surprisingly disciplined with my Bengali study – something that usually only happens in the immediate run-up to one of our every-five-years trips to Kolkata.

One of the things I’ve found particularly helpful for is an iPhone app I’ve dabbled with before.

It’s not, sadly, a really great mobile app for learning Bengali, though I suppose Duolingo for Bengali may one day be available and that could fit the bill.

Instead, it’s the Quizlet flashcard app/website that’s proved perfect for regular study and – given that it’s innately unforgiving about whether you use a গ or a ঘ, for example, has improved my spelling no end.

As well traditional flashcards (‘Cards’) it offers fairly self-explanatory Learn, Write, Match and Test options, all of which can be refined to test just the words you highlight with a star as needing more work.

I’ve created a number of Bengali decks that I’m studying at the moment, most of which have been covered in posts on this blog, though unfortunately they’re not easily embedded on a WordPress blog, so links will have to do.

Bengali vocabulary – politics


Bengali – weather


Bengali – days of the week

Bengali words – religion

Bengali numbers

Bengali ordinal numbers

Conversational Bengali vocabulary

200 Bengali words (part 1)

6 Bengali words and phrases – money

10 Bengali words and phrases – shopping

10 Bengali phrases – being polite

10 Bengali phrases – car travel

Bengali verb conjugation

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