Bengali / Bangla vocabulary: war, attacks

Bengali Bangla vocabulary words soldiers war Star Wars Lego

I’ve broadened my approach to learning Bengali since the time when I was over- enamoured by repeated listens of podcasts I struggled to understand.

I still struggle with NHK’s daily Bangla news podcast when I dip into it, but am trying to expand my knowledge of ‘newsy’, hence the recent post on political vocab and this one.

Even before the tragic recent events in Manchester and London this kind of military/warfare vocabulary features in the news from around the world all too often.

So, from a language point of view it’s useful to learn, but I do wish it wasn’t so necessary.

Attack – আক্রমণ, হামলা (akromon, hamla)

Attempt – চেষ্টা (cesta)

Axe – কুড়াল (kural)

Bomb – বোমা (boma)

Battle – যুদ্ধ, লড়াই (yuddho, lorai)

Damage – ক্ষতি (khoti)

Danger – বিপদ (bipod)

Dangerous – বিপজ্জনক (bipojjonok)

Dead – মরা, মৃত (mora, mrito)

Death – মরণ, মৃত্যু (moron, mrittu)

Die – মরা, মরে যাওয়া, মারা যাওয়া (mora, more jaowa, mora jaoya)

Hurt, injured – আহত (ahoto)

Hurt – ব্যথা, বেদনা (baetha, bedona)

Injury – ক্ষতি (khoti)

Emergency – জরুরি অবস্থা, বিপদ (joruri obostha, bipod)

Army – বাহিনী, সেনা (bahini, sena)

Soldier – সৈনিক, সেনা (soinik, sena)

Gun – বন্দুক (bonduk)

Fight (n) – সংগ্রাম, লড়াই (songgram, lorai)

Fight (vb) – লড়াই করা (lorai kora)

Weapon – অস্ত্র (astra)

War – যুদ্ধ (yuddho)

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