Bengali / Bangla vocabulary: words for quantities

Kolkata scales weigh quantities Bengali bangla vocabulary

Picture: Ben Dalton

Although this blog is been rather quiet of late, I’ve been keeping up with learning Bengali via the vocabulary lists on Quizlet that I and others have created.

The Quizlet app makes the lists ideal for dipping into on my hour-long commute and continuing with at least a baseline of efforts to learn the language – even if we don’t currently have any plans to visit India.

So, to continue this – and breathe a little life back into this blog, here’s another Bengali vocabulary list based around quantities and measurements.

How many? – কয়টা (koyta)

How much? – কত (koto)

How much (uncountable things)? – কতখানিক (kotokhanik)

How much (small quantities)? – কতটুকু (kototuku)

A few – কয়েকটা (koyekta)

Less – আরো কম (aro kom)

A little – একটু (ektu)

Many – অনেক (onek)

More – আরো (aro)

Some – কিছু (kichu)

A quarter – সোয়া (soya)

A third – তিন ভাগের এক ভাগ (tin bhager ek bhag)

A half – আর্ধেক (ardhek)

Three-quarters – পৌনে (poune)

One and a half – দেড় (der)

Two and a half – আড়াই (arai)

As with most, if not all, of my Bengali / Bangla vocabulary posts there’s an online flashcard set for this list too on Quizlet.

And if this list is useful you may like similar Bengali / Bangla vocabulary lists on days of the week, animals or compass directions.

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