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Bengali grammar – obligation (need, must, should, ought etc)

I need to revise this area of Bengali grammar, which covers things that I must do, those I should and those I ought to do. It also an area that will come in really handy talking to my sons: You … Continue reading

Bengali grammar – Past perfect and simple past tenses

Bengali has five past tenses (simple past, habitual past, perfect, past perfect and past continuous) and the verb endings for the second (tumi) and third (se etc) person forms have been a source of some confusion for me. They’re not … Continue reading

Polish Tagore anthology published

A new anthology of Rabindranath Tagore’s works has been published in Polish. Translated from the original Bengali, it includes the Nobel laureate’s poetry, short stories, essays, paintings, letters and play Post Office. The book was compiled and translated by the … Continue reading

Q&A: Dr Hanne-Ruth Thompson

Dr Hanne-Ruth Thompson is a Lector in Bengali at the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies, where she teaches courses in Advanced Bengali and Modern Bengali Texts. Her first book, Essential Everyday Bengali,  focused on the colloquial, everyday … Continue reading

Learning Bengali page updated

I’ve been tidying up my blog a little this week. Nothing too strenuous mind, that would require a surfeit of spare time, something I don’t yet have. Nonetheless I’ve added a little to the About page concerning my aim to … Continue reading

Learning Bengali

When I started this blog there didn’t appear to be all that many resources available for learning Bengali. That remains true of off-line resources, but there are a number of useful online resources if you have the time to search for … Continue reading