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Illuminating India, its photography and science

Illuminating India Science Museum London

London’s Science Museum isn’t the most obvious place to visit for an Indian photography exhibition, but that’s where, until 31 March, you’ll find one.

Spanning the period 1857-2017, Illuminating India is split into three sections, beginning with 1857’s Mutiny/First War of Independence/Uprising, running through the era of independence and then zooming on a whistle-stop tour up to the present day. Continue reading

Van Doesburg & The International Avant-Garde

Theo van Doesburg - Composition II (Still life)

Theo van Doesburg – Composition II (Still life)

Art exhibitions are like running. Even if the run was slow, the route hard or the weather harsh, I always return home glad I went out.

So it is with exhibitions. Even with those that don’t move me or excite me, I always come away feeling that I’ve gained something.

On Friday evening, with a little manoeuvering at home (and after bathing the baby), I set off to meet a friend at London Bridge and from there to head to the Tate Modern for its Van Doesburg exhibition. Continue reading