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How to count in Bengali – number chart in Bangla

Bengali Bangla numbers counting

Browsing for an image for a future post I once again came across this useful chart of numbers from 1-100 in Bengali on Flickr. Continue reading

New online Bangla / Bengali course

Day of Multilingual Blogging

It looks like a new online Bengali language course will be coming soon, if Mandira Bhaduri’s plans come to fruition.

She’s spent nine years at the University of Chicago as a lecturer in its Department of South Asian Languages and Civilizations teaching first up to fourth year Bangla, but in June will take a break and is working on a way to swap the physicial classroom for a virtual one to teach students Bengali online. Continue reading

You’ve got to have a plan…

Road Sign - Victory Blvd. - DSC2554

The British Council’s recent language learning drive has – so far* – inspired me to take a more methodical approach to my Bengali study, which has tended to wax and wane over the last ten years.

It’s fine when a family holiday to India looms and I know I’ll actually be able to use the language. But it’s more sporadic when there’s no such goal at the front of my mind.

Unfortunately we only go to India once every five years, so I often fall into troughs when my study is neither as consistent nor as effective as I’d like. Continue reading

The first 1,000 words are the hardest?

Dictionary of the Frisian Language - Word archive

In the flurry of New Year-themed campaigns – drink less, exercise more, be a better person, etc – there was one that particularly caught my eye this year.

International education and cultural charity the British Council put its weight behind a language-learning drive, calling on Brits (notoriously resistant to anything other than the ‘talk slowly and loudly in English’ method of communicating when abroad) to include learning a foreign language in their 2016 resolutions.

There’s no specific Bengali angle of course, but the campaign’ broader message and tips should resonate whatever language you’re studying. Continue reading

Learning Bengali (bangla) on Facebook

learning Bengali - bangla Facebook

I’ve been meaning to post about the Let’s Learn Bengali group on Facebook for a while. (For how long? Quite a while.)

The first of the groups (there are actually three that fall within Let’s Learn Bengali) began over a year ago and has proved to be a very useful, informative and supportive community for those wanting to learn Bengali/bangla. Continue reading

Learning more Bengali numbers

Bengali - numbers

Click on image to view larger version

I’ve not entirely mastered the numbers 1-50 in Bengali, but getting towards the end of the book I’m reading I’ve reached the somewhat information-heavy Numbers, Weights, Measures chapter.

So it’s time to press on with learning the other 50 numbers, along with the chapter’s other miscellaneous information.

The version of Teach Yourself Bengali I’m reading was published in the mid-1960s, pre-dating by a few decades the Radice issue. Continue reading

If only you could learn Bengali and help translate the web

Free language Duolingo posterHappening today on the Duolingo site I was impressed enough to think seriously about trying to pick up some of the French that has deserted me since school.

The site offers, for now at least, free Spanish, German and French lessons in a really nice interface. Parts of its premise is that the various tests and translation exercises will also help translate the internet.

But while I really am keen to (one day) improve my French, the site raised a familiar sense of jealousy that same languages have such easy access to tools like Duolingo.

On the plus side, perhaps now, with a trip to India at the end of this year looking likely, seeing the site will persuade me that it’s time to seriously pick up my Bengali study again.