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Must try harder, or my WordPress 2015 Review

I hate those blog posts that apologise for not having written more/more recently, though it was certainly something I alluded to in yesterday’s post.

Nevertheless, this blog’s sixth year of existence was hardly its greatest one, with a miserly four posts all year thanks to all sorts of valid but mundane reasons.

Naturally the plan for 2016 is to try harder, write more, learn more, do more, but then isn’t it always at this time of the year. Continue reading


2013 in review for this blog

The WordPress stats helper monkeys have been busy preparing automated reports on how blogs high and low fared in 2013.

Here’s an excerpt their annual report for A Tangle Of Wires: Continue reading

Now we are two

Happy birthday to me, A Tangle Of Wires is two today.

Along the way I’ve bolstered my Bengali learning and learned a whole lot more about Bollywood, which was pretty much the point of starting the blog.

What I hadn’t planned on were the high Google search rankings for Channel 4’s Bollywood films, which  probably says something about writing on a particular niche.

Here’s to the next two years.

Deutsche Welle awards commend Bengali blogs

Sabrina Sultana's blogGerman broadcaster Deutsche Welle has unveiled the results of its 2011 Blog Awards – the ‘BOBs’ – and a Bengali blog was among the runners up for the Best Blog prize.

Sabrina Sultana suffers from muscular dystrophy and shares her experiences and campaigns for greater rights for the handicapped in Bangladesh through her blog.

The Chittagong blogger was not the only Bengali writer on Deutsche Welle’s list – it devotes an entire category to the best Bengali blogs, short-listing 11 sites. Continue reading

Learning Bengali page updated

I’ve been tidying up my blog a little this week. Nothing too strenuous mind, that would require a surfeit of spare time, something I don’t yet have.

Nonetheless I’ve added a little to the About page concerning my aim to blog at least once a week, with posts related to Bengali on Fridays and/or posts on any other subject that appeals to me on Tuesdays.

More importantly though I’ve also cleaned up the Learning Bengali page, adding in information from recent posts about Bengali fonts, Google’s language tools, Bengali grammar, YouTube and the Bengali phrase book you can find on Google Books. Continue reading

Life, but with fuzzy edges

At break-neck slow-motion speed a week has passed since my new son arrived. This has put all non-essential work to one side as I take charge of cooking, cleaning, childcare and my wife recovers.

In the pipeline is a post on Bengali words around a baby theme; updating the older posts I transfered from Blogger to WordPress; and building up the Learning Bengali pages (any suggestions for what this should include would be gratefully received).

First, perhaps will be the baby words. In fact I persuaded my elder son to make suggestions for this today, so it’s creeping along. I didn’t fancy preparing this in advance, just in case it would tempt any kind of fate, so now it’s somewhere on the to-do list, behind sleep.

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Transferring back from Blogger

Move along please. Nothing to see here. Transferring back from Blogger, need to check twitterfeed and Google docs behave themselves.

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