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Running in Mumbai

Marine Drive

This morning was cold. Cold enough that, aided by something I wanted to forget, I ran my fastest ever time for that particular route.

It was a short 23 min run, but I still managed to shave more than two minutes off the time I clocked up on the previous Monday. It’s funny how temperatures that are around 0 degrees can motivate you.

It all stood in stark contrast to my two holiday runs in Mumbai (Kolkata’s pollution quickly dissuaded me of putting my running shoes on in that city). Continue reading


A music powered best

Last week I ran another 10k, my third race so far, second this year and fastest time to date.

I’m always glad just to be able to finish a race, so was pleased to get a personal best.

But, despite missing a couple of training runs in the last couple of weeks, I had been hoping to get my first sub-50 minute time. Continue reading

Ashtead 10k 2012

Despite our impending house move (two days and counting), today’s 10k went pretty well, all things considered.

My training routine’s been somewhat subdued since we exchanged contracts just over two weeks ago, and the frantic packing and sorting has been rather tiring.

Nevertheless, today’s run avoided the worst of the rain and I managed to come in just 25 seconds slower than last year, which, given the circumstances, I’m pretty happy with.

Only if I run

Preparations begin for next month's 10kMy running this year has been erratic to say the least.

After a good start in January and, despite the snow and ice that followed, a reasonable February, in March I ran just once.

I’ll probably blame a fairly big work project for that, but I’ve been inconsistent since. Continue reading

Ashtead 10k

Runner gear

Jaffa cake not pictured

Today’s 10k race was the first race I’ve run since leaving school in the early 1990s. So, as long as I finished, I was guaranteed a personal best.

As it was I came in at just over 52 minutes (I’d been aiming for under an hour, and hoping for 55 minutes, so I’m definitely pleased with the time).

The race was really enjoyable, though I made the beginner’s mistake of starting too fast and so from 4k on had quite a few people pass me. Continue reading

Back to running

This week I went for my first runs after six long weeks without any running.

It was the longest break from running I’ve had in years, though I kept busy with regular cycling. Nonetheless it was frustrating to feel time running out for my 10k preparation.

But injuries, even relatively minor ones, need rest. So I rested. Continue reading

Stalled running

Sometimes the best way curtail a new project is just to loudly announce it to all and sundry.

Inadvertently this happened with the preparations for my first 10k race, which were quite literally stopped in their tracks, though not for want of enthusiasm.

In fact, it’s the enthusiasm that stalled my training. Or rather, my throwing myself into long 45 minute runs (three in eight days) when my usually – once ot twice a week – runs last about 27 minutes. Continue reading