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Action Replayy (film review)

Action Replayy Bollywood filmThe glorious technicolour titles for Action Replayy, leaning heavily on an Austin Powers idea of retro, promise much more than the film can deliver.

In a little over two hours it under-performs with its script, jokes, songs and acting. And yet it still proved to be an enjoyable ‘time pass’, though unlikely to meet its billing by a lonely Amazon reviewer as one of the best Bollywood films of 2010.

But, rewinding the (ahem) action a little and, with no chance of a repeat of last year’s Channel 4 Christmas Bollywood season, I chose to browse YouTube’s free Bollywood films listings, finally alighting on a title I recognised. Continue reading

Film review: Jodhaa Akbar and Chak De! India

I’ve been slowly catching up on recorded films and, after watching Jab We Met a while back, recently saw Jodhaa Akbar and Chak De! India.

Both were enjoyable and, given the spare time, I’d happily watch them again. In fact all three films were good, which is probably down to the  Indian film industry’s phenomenal output providing Channel Four with a wide range to choose from – though licensing deals presumably skew their decisions a little.

So, from the director of Lagaan and featuring Bollywood A-listers Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, historical epic Jodhaa Akbar was always likely to be a pretty big deal. And so it  proved to be. Possible historical inaccuracies aside – and director Ashotosh said its genesis was 70% imagination – it’s very much an ‘epic’ tale. Continue reading