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Bengali vocabulary – more names of animals in Bangla 

Big cats

I had no idea there was a state animal of West Bengal until researching this post, and even if I had, like most, I would have guessed it would be a tiger.

In fact, it’s the fishing cat (whose diet does indeed include fish, alongside birds, insects and small rodents). An endangered species, the fishing cat lives in dense forested regions and wetland areas. Continue reading

5 Bengali words – animals

This (long overdue) 5 Bengali words post is based on a longer one on ‘animal words’ I’ve had half finished for a while.

I’ll have the longer version ready soon and in the meantime have picked out some of those I’d particularly like to learn – so they’re perhaps not the most obvious animal words if you’re just starting out. (For Dog, Cat etc check back again next week.)

Fox (n) – ঁখেকশিয়াল (khekosiyal) Continue reading