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‘Hindu’ films now available on iTunes

Hindu films on Apple iTunesForgive me a moment while I indulge my snarky tendencies to point out that if Apple is serious about a particular genre of world cinema then it would be well advised to ask those tasked with producing copy on its behalf to double-check their work.

Alternatively, perhaps the technology giant actually believes films produced by the Mumbai movie industry conform to a single religion.

(Bonus points to readers who spot the irony of listing Singh Is Kinng as a ‘Hindu’ film.)

3 Idiots iPhone app tops the charts

3 Idiots iPhone app

Having broken box office records since its release last year it would appear that ‘Aal Izz Well’ for Bollywood blockbuster 3 Idiots on the iPhone too. Continue reading

Being won over by the iPhone

Until I was given one I couldn’t see the point in an iPhone.

My mobiles to date have always been the cheapest pay-as-you-go ones, the kind that last two years  before they literally fall apart.

On one the number nine button stopped working, more recently another had a loose battery that would switch the phone at odd, usually inopportune, moments. Continue reading