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Beautiful prose

I was hugely looking forward to reading Tahmina Anam’s A Golden Age, which seems to have been on my ‘to read’ list for far too long, but I approached it with a sense of trepidation.

Given that it’s set in Bangladesh, in 1971, I worried it would offer a heart-breaking tale, and there were certainly elements of the story that make you catch your breath.

But where this book’s beautiful prose (held within beautiful covers) succeeds is in bringing a landscape of pain, suffering and hope down to a very personal level. It was  only with a short paragraph, which began, “throughout June, Tikka Khan’s soldiers made their way across the summer plains of Bangladesh”, that the author pulls back from the individual to encompass the scale of the horror the country endured during those months. Continue reading


Bengali links – Tagore bookshelf, Nazrul’s Bidrohi, making of Bangladesh, languages in West Bengal

This selection of bangla links from my Twitter feed covers Bengali film, music and literature.

All the links in the tweet images work, allowing you to click through to view the links, follow me on Twitter or even re-tweet any of the links.

Continue reading

Bengali children’s cartoon Meena

There’s no 5 Bengali words post this week as I’m busily working on incorporating them into a DIY iPhone Bengali revision app. All being well I’ll have it ready next week, but I should warn you in advance it’s a very DIY solution.

In lieu of another 5 Bengali words I’ve posted a Meena cartoon, a recommendation from a reader (who, incidentally, has just started her own Bengali blog My Bangla Diary, which I’d encourage you to check out).  Continue reading

5 Bengali words – river

Padma River boatman in Bangladesh

On the Padma, near the ferry crossing between Dhaka and Khulna (by joiseyshowaa)

I recently finished reading Rabindranath Tagore’s Selected Stories, many of which take place on or by the banks of the river Padma in Bangladesh. Continue reading

Film review: The Last Thakur

Shown last month as a hidden part of Channel Four’s India Winter season and tucked away on its digital channel More 4, I didn’t know what to expect from The Last Thakur.

Trailed in the TV guide as a ‘Bangladeshi Western’, not a genre high on my radar, it actually lived up to its billing with a mysterious gunman, warring factions and a climactic shootout. Continue reading

Bangladeshi film on More 4

Recent posts seem to see A Tangle of Wires veering perilously close to becoming a television blog, which was hardly my intention.

Nevertheless here’s another (short) post on a forthcoming film, this time on UK television channel More 4 on Tuesday 19 January at 23:40.

From the TV listings: The Last Thakur (2008) Sadik Ahmed’s debut feature drama is set in a Bangladeshi village where two corrupt politicians find their rivalry disrupted by a mysterious gunman.

I know nothing about either film or director, and have only seen three Bangladeshi films before, but according to The Internet Movie Database it is in Bengali, which would have been a reasonable assumption anyway of course.