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Channel 4 Bollywood: Queer India, My Brother … Nikhil and Fire

My Brother ... Nikhil Bollywood film poster

The next part of Channel 4’s 2012 Autumn Bollywood film season will be the forthrightly titled Queer India.

So far details on just two films have emerged: My Brother … Nikhil and Fire.

2005 film My Brother … Nikhil was inspired by the real-life story of Dominic D’Souza, India’s first known HIV patient. Continue reading

Channel 4 Bollywood: Omkara, The Blue Umbrella, Sancharram

Channel 4’s Autumn Indian film season continues with two more Vishal Bhardwaj films and, somewhat unusually, a Malayalam film in the form of Sancharram.

Bhardwaj’s retelling of Othello, Omkara, stars Saif Ali Khan playing against type as the dynamic and sinister Langda Tyagi, alongside Kareena Kapoor, Ajay Devgan and Vivek Oberoi.

It’s followed by The Blue Umbrella, which is based on a short story for children by Ruskin Bond, an Indian writer of British descent. The narrative, which explores the nature of envy and friendship, centres around the young Binya (Shreya Sharma) who falls in love with a gorgeous blue umbrella owned by a Japanese tourist.  Continue reading

Channel 4 Indian film season continues with parallel cinema movies

Road, Movie Abhay Deol posterThe next four films in Channel 4’s current Indian cinema season may not all live up to the parallel cinema (or art house or new cinema) billing of this post’s title, but I’m pretty sure Uski Roti will.

Directed by the late Mani Kaul, the 1970 is considered one of Indian New Cinema’s most significant films.

Based on a short story by the celebrated Hindi writer Mohan Rakesh, and shot in black and white, the drama is set in rural Punjab and tells the story of Balo (Garima), the young wife of a long-distance truck driver, Sucha Singh (Gurdeep Singh), and her young sister. Balo’s life revolves around her surly, absent husband, who comes home just once a week, and is rumoured to have a mistress (Savita Bajaj) in a nearby town. Continue reading

More Bollywood films coming on Channel 4 as Indian cinema season extended

Band Baaja Baaraat film posterI posted details of the current run of Indian films on Channel 4 last week, but it turns out that’s not all the Bollywood that UK television viewers can look forward to.

Usually the channel’s spring season of films only runs to four, but there’s more this time and following Dabanng, Enthiran, My Name Is Khan and Udaan is Band Baajaa Baaraat (Bands, Horns and Revelry), 2010’s hit wedding planner romantic comedy staring Anushka Sharma and Reveer Singh.

Its simple storyline, lively songs and dance numbers appealed to the masses and made stars of its leading cast.

Continue reading

Channel 4’s first 2012 Bollywood season begins with Dabangg

Dabangg Bollywood film PosterIt’s that time of the year again when UK fans of Indian cinema either drink super-strength coffee or set the video/dvd/HD recorder/Sky+ (delete as appropriate).

Channel 4’s first Bollywood season of 2012 kicks off just before midnight on Sunday with the Dabangg, the Salman Khan staring blockbuster that became the highest grossing Indian film of 2010.

Dabangg (The Fearless One) is a tongue-in-cheek crime caper that combines action, romance, family intrigues and satirical comment on political corruption and power. Continue reading

Action Replayy (film review)

Action Replayy Bollywood filmThe glorious technicolour titles for Action Replayy, leaning heavily on an Austin Powers idea of retro, promise much more than the film can deliver.

In a little over two hours it under-performs with its script, jokes, songs and acting. And yet it still proved to be an enjoyable ‘time pass’, though unlikely to meet its billing by a lonely Amazon reviewer as one of the best Bollywood films of 2010.

But, rewinding the (ahem) action a little and, with no chance of a repeat of last year’s Channel 4 Christmas Bollywood season, I chose to browse YouTube’s free Bollywood films listings, finally alighting on a title I recognised. Continue reading

Channel 4’s full Autumn Bollywood lineup revealed

Channel 4 has revealed details of the full lineup for its Autumn season of Indian films.

Adding to the four Bollywood films I’ve covered so far the UK television station has another three modern Hindi films scheduled and will follow these with an extensive overview of the work of a Bollywood legend. Continue reading