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5 Bengali words – Christmas

This is my last 5 Bengali Words post until the New Year and I’m going to end the year with another obvious theme and go for Christmas words.

After this the plan is to revise the short vocabulary lists that I’ve produced to date, rather than just churn out endless lists of words that never quite stick in my mind permanently enough.

Holiday n – ছুটি (chuti) Continue reading

Christmas snapshots

“Oh cool, a book.” What better words to hear my six year-old son say on opening his first present. He doesn’t do sarcasm, not yet anyway, so it was said in all sincerity in case you were wondering. Also, in case you are still wondering, it was George’s Marvellous Medicine.

So I was less worried knowing this was to be the year his two-year campaign for a Nintendo DS finally paid off. The thing may have shot straight to the top of his all-time-best-present list, and he may have a minor obsession with Lego Star Wars at the moment, but he’s still playing slightly unfathomable imaginary games with action figures and even choosing to read on his own sometimes.

I was also pleased when he came into the kitchen yesterday with a request. “I don’t like this [cake with bits in it], can I have a cut-up apple instead.” Continue reading