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Rishi Kapoor season ends with Aa Ab Laut Chalen

The fourth and final film in Channel 4’s short Rishi Kapoor season doesn’t feature the Bollywood star but is instead his 1999 directorial debut.

Despite Kapoor’s absence Aa Ab Laut Chalen doesn’t want for big names with stars Akshaye Khanna and Aishwarya Rai (before she added Bachchan to her name).

The film, which will be introduced by its director, sees Rohan (Khanna) leave Delhi and take his search for work to New York. But once there he finds himself homeless, jobless and desparate, until the kindness of strangers offers him a lifeline … and a difficult decision. Continue reading

Film Review: Gunga Jumna

Gunga Jumna pictureA story of brothers divided, Gunga Jumna was written and produced by one of its star Dilip Kumar.

From the start it’s a different sort of film to most of those shown in Channel 4’s Movie Mahal season last year. In colour, with outside location shots, more than anything it struck me as a comparatively modern film.

This was reinforced by its coreographed dances which, though shot outside and without today’s MTV values, seemed recognisably ‘Bollywood’.  Continue reading

Film Review: Madhumati

Madhumati film posterMemories of the frankly dull supernatural film Mahal were still fresh in mind when I watched Madhumati. Although it too was billed as a ghost story, I needn’t have worried.

Despite one “I’m sure I’ve been here before” style flashback and one ghostly appearance, Madhumati concentrates on familiar filmi territory rather than spurious supernatural shocks.

The majority of the film covers the tragic rural love story of Dilip Kumar’s newly-appointed estate manager Anand and Vyjayantimala’s Madhumati, the young woman Anand’s callous employer Raja Ugra Narayan (played by Pran) lusts after.

Continue reading

Film Review: Andaz

Andaz (misunderstanding) is the story of Dilip’s (Dilip Kumar) ill-fated love for Neena (Nargis) and the uncontrollable jealousy of Rajan (Raj Kapoor), her finance and then husband.

Director Mehboob Khan, places two misunderstandings at the heart of Andaz, neither of which is resolved happily, both leading to heartache for Nina.

That there’s no neat conclusion for any of the protagonists was one of the things I liked about the film. The tensions created along the way give the film a very watchable momentum. Continue reading

Bollywood classics on Channel Four (Sept-Oct 2009)

Mahal film poster

Film poster for Mahal (1949)

Indian cinema has again returned to UK television as Channel Four kicks off another season of Bollywood films.

For the last 28 years the channel has provided a masala mix of Indian films from Mumbai and beyond. This time around it’s a 12 film season focused on early Bollywood classics.

It kicked off last week with the first two films, but before that the scene was set with The Golden Years of Indian Cinema, a 75-minute special from Movie Mahal, the Indian cinema series from the late 1980s. Continue reading