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Bengali is coming to Duolingo… sort of

Duolingo Bengali Bangla

I’m a big fan of the language learning website/app Duolingo, which I’m currently using to brush up on my French and pick up a bit of Spanish.

But I have long wished that Bengali would be added to the list of languages it offers, joining Vietnamese, Turkish and the usual European suspects.  Continue reading

If only you could learn Bengali and help translate the web

Free language Duolingo posterHappening today on the Duolingo site I was impressed enough to think seriously about trying to pick up some of the French that has deserted me since school.

The site offers, for now at least, free Spanish, German and French lessons in a really nice interface. Parts of its premise is that the various tests and translation exercises will also help translate the internet.

But while I really am keen to (one day) improve my French, the site raised a familiar sense of jealousy that same languages have such easy access to tools like Duolingo.

On the plus side, perhaps now, with a trip to India at the end of this year looking likely, seeing the site will persuade me that it’s time to seriously pick up my Bengali study again.