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1960 Hindi film Parakh on Channel 4

The third installment of Channel 4’s short season of Bollywood films from the year 1960 will be shown on Sunday 9 May from 11.50pm.

Bimal Roy’s Parakh is a satire on the corrupting nature of money, and how it can also bring out the best in people.

When a  postmaster receives a cheque to give to “the most honest man in the village” it turns the community upside down.

  • Parakh – Sunday 9 May, 23:50-02:25

Online Bengali resources

A Tangle Of Wires is not yet a year old, but the longer it continues the more Bengali resources I find.

The Learning Bengali section collects links to the best ones I’ve found, but it’s just a personal selection of what’s available online.

The section is due an update soon and one site I will add is So You Want To Learn A Language, which takes an altogether more expansive position on collecting online resources for Bengali, and many other Asian languages.

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How to learn Hindi – a primer

Today I broke my no-newspapers-during-the week rule – how else to get through the Saturday paper and its supplements – to get The Guardian.

Its Languages For The 21st Century series reached Hindi and, having steadfastly not opened the Teach Yourself Hindi book I bought three years ago, I thought the little primer might ease me into learning the language.

It’s available online, which will be handy for future reference, along with three short audio segments that can be steamed or downloaded as mp3s. Continue reading

Languages for the 21st century

If you’re looking to prepare yourself linguistically for the coming decades you’d best steer clear of European tongues.

That’s the message from The Guardian, whose Languages For The 21st Century series began today with Japanese and will include the so-called ‘BRIC’ countries of Brazil, Russian, India (represented by official language Hindi) and China.

The seven-day run of phrase books continues tomorrow with Arabic and then continues with Mandarin, Hindi, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese and Latin American Spanish.

It looks like the phrasebooks, plus audio conversations, will be put online pretty much in their entirety and you should be able to find them all here in due course.