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Exploring the architecture of old Calcutta

Calcutta houses Kolkata architectureChancing upon the Calcutta Houses account on Instagram (pictured above and below) could all too easily be the start of a descent down a long rabbit hole.

Calcutta Houses‘ posts of old houses of Kolkata perfectly capture some of the faded glamour and rundown charm of the city.

And it’s an quick hop, skip and a click to #calcuttahouses for more, going from there to the dormant old Calcutta (Kolkata) blog and then thoughts of a Kolkata walking tour. Continue reading

Santiniketan podcasts return with Bengal renaissance

The Santiniketan podcasts made a welcome return in February after a three-month absence of new episodes from iTunes.

One episode that immediately caught my eye was ‘William Radice on Bengal Renaissance’ from 2 March.

I’ve mentioned William Radice before on my blog, but in the context of his Teach Yourself Bengali book. In this podcast he’s in conversation with an unnamed interviewer as part of an Open University (OU) discussion. Continue reading