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Review: See A Little Light – Bob Mould’s autobiography

The last year or so has unexpectedly proved a bumper time for Husker Du-related books, with first Andrew Earles’ book on the band and more recently Bob Mould’s autobiography, See A Little Light: The Trail of Rage and Melody.

Mould, guitarist and singer first in Husker Du and then in Sugar, has always been a somewhat reticent figure in interviews, happy to talk about the music but rarely giving away anything in public that might be considered personal. Continue reading


Husker Du: The Story of the Noise-Pop Pioneers

Husker Du biography by Andrew EarlesAndrew Earles’ Husker Du biography is the first book to be dedicated to the Minneapolis trio who, between 1982 and 1987, set a high watermark in the development of American underground guitar music.

Their recorded output spans the lightning hardcore punk of Land Speed Record, genre-breaking double album Zen Arcade, noise pop of Flip Your Wig and ends with Warehouse: Songs and Stories, another double album.

But to date Husker Du has received a chapter in Michael Azerrad’s defining Our Band Could Be Your Life, passing mention in Gina Arnold’s enjoyable On The Road To Nirvana and that’s been pretty much it as far as far as printed spine-bound coverage of the band goes. Continue reading

Spotify wants to be iTunes, Last.fm wants to be your friend

Music streaming is, we are told, booming. Spotify and, to a lesser extant, Last.fm have so far grabbed most of the headlines, but they’re not alone and any one of the music streaming services now available would have blown my teenage mind apart.

Combined with something like Amazon recommendations they’re a fantastic way of discovering new music. Allowing you to live with songs and albums before making up my mind to buy them.

I regularly visit Spotify and Last.fm, and recently checked out We7. It’s interesting how differently they come across and the variety in their functionality, given that all three are just music streaming services. Continue reading