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Illuminating India, its photography and science

Illuminating India Science Museum London

London’s Science Museum isn’t the most obvious place to visit for an Indian photography exhibition, but that’s where, until 31 March, you’ll find one.

Spanning the period 1857-2017, Illuminating India is split into three sections, beginning with 1857’s Mutiny/First War of Independence/Uprising, running through the era of independence and then zooming on a whistle-stop tour up to the present day. Continue reading

Satyajit Ray begins Channel 4’s Indian Cinema centenary


Still from Satyajit Ray’s final film Agantuk, showing as part of Channel 4’s Centenary of Indian Cinema season

The centenary of Indian cimena is upon us, marking 100 years since Phalke’s Raja Harishchandra.

Curiously, though it’s by no means an unwelcome decision, the occasion will be first marked on Channel 4 not with screenings of Hindi films but with a short season of films from Bengali director Satyajit Ray.  Continue reading

Bollywood legend Dev Anand

Guide Dev Anand Waheeda RehmanThe death of Dev Anand, reported just a few hours ago, is sure to dominate this morning’s Love Bollywood, which I shall shortly put on and listen to while getting breakfast for the family.

Introducing Channel 4’s screening of Guide last month Anand had more spark and vitality than should be expected of an 88 year old.

Perhaps it was the twinkle in his eye as he recounted the background to the 1965 film in which he starred alongside Waheeda Rehman, or maybe it was just the relentless desire to continue working until the end (Chargesheet, his latest film, was released in September). Continue reading